Energy-Efficient Upgrades for your Home Renovations

As a homeowner, how do you decide when to choose energy efficiency over aesthetics? The truth is, you don't have to choose. Energy efficiency and aesthetics can go hand in hand, thanks to today's modern products. There are many additions and upgrades you can make to your next renovation that will not only look stunning but also shrink that next utility bill. And even if additional asks aren't in the budget for your upcoming renovation, don't worry, a renovation will provide some energy-efficient benefits regardless.

Winterizing Your Home

Believe it or not, winter is coming. And in just a few weeks, the rain will turn to snow and temperatures will start to dip below zero. And while you may have already put your patio furniture away and may not have any big renovation projects planned for the winter, that doesn't mean that your work is done. Regardless of whether your home is two years old or 20 years old, every homeowner should look to complete a specific list of tasks this time of year to winterize their home and prepare it for snowier weather.

Things to Remember When Renovating Your Basement

We’re here to discuss a list of items and tasks we recommend every homeowner considers when renovating their basement. Some of these things will be design features, while others will be less exciting, but equally as important, structural tasks and additions that can make all the difference when it comes to creating the perfect lower-level space for your family.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Your Renovation Team

A home renovation can be a stressful and exciting time in any homeowner’s life. With what seems like a million and one people coming and going from your house each day, it can be tough to keep track of who does what exactly. But with over 38 years of renovation and building experience, we’ve got project roles and responsibilities down to a science.

Kitchen Reno Must-Haves That Are Often Forgotten

The kitchen is a truly unique space in your home. You spend countless hours there cooking and entertaining with friends and family and it easily sees the most action throughout the life of a house. However, it’s also the one room that you’ll notice even the smallest forgotten detail at the end of a renovation.

The Dangers of DIY

We’re all for homeowners picking up the tools and adding some sweat equity into their home— that is, as long as it's done correctly. It's not only because some DIY handiwork can look quite unwelcoming, to say the least, but also because it can be quite harmful to your home. With that in mind, our team would like to bring some final concerns to your attention before you start tearing into your home improvement projects.

The Best Home Improvement Projects for Spring and Summer

When it comes to renovations, there’s no right or wrong answer for what projects should be tackled ahead of others. Everyone’s home is different and this will influence which projects are more of a priority than others. That being said, there are better times of the year to complete various projects. Some are better suited for spring and summer, while others are better suited for fall and winter. Knowing which projects to leave until the fall or winter could save you from a chaotic summer and leave you with time to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

How You Can Prepare For A Kitchen Renovation

No matter the size of your kitchen, no matter how big or small the renovation scale is, it’s important to prepare yourself as best as possible. By knowing what to prepare for before your renovation begins, the process becomes easier on our home renovations team and on you as a client.

Basement Renovations Can Be Done in the Winter

Canadian Home and Renovation Team actually works year-round on home renovation projects, with basement renovations being one of the most convenient renovations to do in the wintertime.

Why A Chef's Kitchen Is Perfect For Entertaining and the Holidays

Out of all the kitchens out there there’s nothing quite like the Chef’s Kitchen, which blends functionality with fun. Find out how you can create one in your home.

Importance of a Project Manager for Home Renovations

For each project we take on, we have a project manager assigned to see the home renovation through from start to finish. Here’s how our Project Managers make a difference when clients need a home renovation.

Phillip Crescent Interior Reno

Bathroom and hallway renovation on Phillip Crescent in Cambridge, Ontario

Ensuite Bathroom Renovation in Conestogo

Our client in Conestogo had a clear vision on what they wanted to do with their en-suite bathroom renovation.

Main Floor and Kitchen Renovation in Kitchener

CHART was hired to complete an extensive design/renovation in Kitchener to remove a dining room wall and re configure the kitchen to be much larger.

Home Additions on Rose Garden Street in Kitchener

CHART was hired to design and complete this home renovation and addition on Rose Garden Street in Kitchener, Ontario.

Basement Renovation in Guelph

CHART was hired to design a complete basement renovation for this home on Amsterdam Crescent in Guelph, Ontario.

Custom Home Renovation in Guelph

CHART was hired to re-design the entire interior and exterior of this dated but unique custom home in Guelph Ontario.

Family-Owned and Operated for Over 38 Years

Canadian Home and Renovation Team has over 38 years of experience as renovators and builders in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.

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