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Basement Renovations in Winter by CHART

Basement Renovations in Winter by CHART 

With colder temperatures upon us and the snow continuing to fall, many Canadians shy away from home renovations. There’s an unwritten rule somewhere out there that is largely a myth—the rule being that no home renovations should take a place in the winter. It’s a myth that has contractors and renovation teams quite busy during late spring, summer, and fall, and much slower in the winter. But Canadian Home and Renovation Team actually works year-round on home renovation projects, with basement renovations being one of the most convenient renovations to do in the wintertime.

Why Choose Winter for a Basement Renovation?

If you’re thinking of a basement renovation, wintertime is ideal for many reasons. Generally, contractors have more time in the winter to work on projects than in the summer, but you’ll also be reaping the benefits. For one, a basement renovation won’t interrupt the rest of your home, meaning you can still use your house as close to normal as possible.

And secondly, you’ll be freeing up your spring, summer and fall to do other home renovations that would be much more difficult in the winter—like an addition or exterior renovation.

The great part about basements is that they’re either fully underground or partially underground, and usually have a door that closes off the space. That means that should a window need to be open during the renovation, it won’t have an impact on the heating and comfort in the rest of your home. It is also much easier to manage dust as we close the basement cold air return and block off the door at the top of the stairs.

What you Need To Know For A  Basement Renovation 

Water Control Is A Must

First and foremost, it is important to remove any existing insulation on the walls to inspect the existing foundation for mould, mildew or signs of moisture penetration. If mould or mildew is identified we bring in a specialist to remove them. We then determine what has caused these problems. Sometimes it is due to a crack in the foundation. We at CHART hire a “crack specialist” to inject the cracks with an epoxy resin to prevent future water or moisture from entering our clients’ homes.

Good Insulation Is Necessary 

Insulating a basement to the Ontario Building Code standard is usually sufficient to make our clients’ basements feel nice and cozy. We also recommend using an insulated subfloor panel on the concrete slab because it allows for extra insulation and as well airflow underneath the flooring.

A popular choice for insulation for our clients is closed-cell polyurethane spray foam, which is a high-quality choice and fares well for basements when done professionally. This foam is packed tightly which means that heat will be better retained.

As walls go up, this insulation is key to keeping your basement warm throughout the year.

Features Of A Basement Renovation 

Once your basement is properly insulated and walls are in place, think of it as an extra livable space in your home. For some clients, this means making it into an entertainment space, while for others, this means converting it into multiple rooms to meet the family’s needs. Basement renovations aren’t very limited in terms of what you can and can’t do.

For many of our clients, additional storage, additional bedrooms or additional bathrooms are key design features in their basement renovation. Clients with a clear idea of what they need out of their basement can work with Canadian Home and Renovation Team designers to make this a reality.

Lighting Is Key In A Basement

In addition to insulation and moisture control, lighting is key to a basement’s functionality. With most having little to no light coming in from the outside, there’s a need for lighting to bring comfort and visibility into the lowest level of the home. Many of our clients choose pot lighting for the basement because it provides a high level of light in areas that need it the most and it doesn’t take up valuable height, especially in low-clearance basements. Others choose track lighting features and overhead fixtures for basements that have common areas or entertainment spaces.

Basement Fireplaces

Another feature clients love to have in their basements that provide both light and heating is a classic fireplace. Now, fireplaces have come a long way since their initial use in the home. What was once a tool for cooking and whole-home heating, is now a piece of elegance, comfort, and warmth in any room of the home. There are various types of fireplaces that can be installed during a home renovation including electric and gas being the most common.

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