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The Best Home Improvement Projects for Spring and Summer

The Best Home Improvement Projects for Spring and Summer

When it comes to renovations, there’s no right or wrong answer for what projects should be tackled ahead of others. Everyone’s home is different and this will influence which projects are more of a priority than others. That being said, there are better times of the year to complete various projects. Some are better suited for spring and summer, while others are better suited for fall and winter. Knowing which projects to leave until the fall or winter could save you from a chaotic summer and leave you with time to relax and enjoy the outdoors.


Continue reading below to find out what projects you should aim to tackle first this spring and summer and which ones you should consider putting off until the fall or winter. Keep in mind, these are just some of the most common renovation projects and we encourage you to reach out to us by phone or email if you have any questions regarding projects not talked about here.

Projects To Put Off

Calling all procrastinators, if you've put off completing any of the projects below, you might be in luck. We suggest tackling these projects when the weather gets colder for many different reasons.

Bathroom Renovations

This depends on how often and when you like to entertain friends and family. Typically, we find most homeowners love to host gatherings during the warmer months because they can have their party outside. Keep in mind, even though the party is outdoors your guests will still need to venture indoors to use the washroom. This is why we recommend leaving bathroom renovations until the fall or winter when things are a bit quieter. Depending on your home’s floor plan and the size of the bathroom renovation you decide to do, it could leave your only shared washroom out of commission for a short period. And for homes with only a master bathroom and a shared bathroom, this can mean sending your friends into your bedroom to use the master bath. Not a problem if it’s just your family, but it’s not something most people want their friends to be doing.  


Bathroom Renovation


Backyard Makeover

Short of landscaping and other small projects, we highly recommend you postpone your total backyard makeover until the fall. Yes, we know that sounds a little silly. Spring and summer are when you want to be outdoors enjoying your yard, but that’s exactly why we suggest postponing it. The last thing you want is to spend your summer staring at machinery, in-progress projects and trying to get your yard back to normal. You’ve waited all winter for warmer weather and to render your backyard unusable for the majority of the summer could make for some unhappy family members. Enjoy your yard now and then start your makeover come fall. This way, the ground hasn’t frozen, the snow hasn’t started falling and you’re not missing out on the beautiful weather.


Backyard Renovation


Basement Renovation

A basement renovation is another project to consider tackling once it's colder out. While it can just as quickly be completed during the spring and summer, a basement renovation is ideal for winter for many reasons. Check out our past blog post on basement renovations here for a list of reasons why basement renovations work for the winter.

Basement Renovation


Projects To Consider Doing Now

Now that you know which projects to postpone, it’s time to find out which ones you should tackle while the weather is warm.

Home Additions

Home additions are one of the most significant projects we recommend homeowners tackle in the spring and summer. During the construction of an addition, our team will need to tie the new section of your home into the existing structure and this could leave your home more susceptible to outside weather. If done in the winter, it allows heat to escape and cold air to enter your home. This can end up costing you more in heating costs and also makes your house cool when you’d like it to be warm. During the summer, these factors are not as much of a concern as the weather is typically warmer— though it may require some additional fans or extra use of your air conditioner if it’s extremely warm out.  


Home Addition


Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is one of the main projects we suggest homeowners tackle during the spring and summer. Why? Because while your kitchen is out of commission, you can cook and enjoy dinner outdoors using your deck/patio and barbecue. This cuts down on the amount of take-out your family eats while your kitchen is being renovated and encourages everyone to spend time outdoors. The majority of foods you'd cook indoors can also be cooked outdoors on the grill and we suggest searching online for recipes. Everything from pizza and desserts to more traditional hamburgers and hot dogs can be prepared easily on your barbecue.


Kitchen Renovation


Redoing the driveway

Other than shovelling, your driveway doesn’t receive any love during the winter. This is for many reasons. For starters, driveway construction during snowy months makes parking a hassle, as most cities don’t allow parking on the streets. Winter weather can also extend the length of the project as it affects the time it takes for concrete and other materials to cure. Not to mention, it’s a bit tougher to visualize design suggestions when the ground is covered in snow.


Driveway Renovation


Replacing the Roof

Just like your driveway, your roof most likely goes unnoticed during the winter too. But again, this is for a good reason. Winter weather can change quickly, and this can mean a soaked sub-roof or indoor leaks if you happen to get caught between removing the old roof and installing the new one. Shingles and other roofing materials also act as an insulator helping to keep warm air in during the colder times. Not as much of a concern in the spring and summer when most homeowners are attempting to cool their homes down anyways.


New Roof


These are merely recommendations we’ve picked up over our years of experience. While each project is certainly better suited for a specific time of the year, our team is always available year-round to complete any home renovations, additions and home builds you might have on your to-do list. We know that everyone’s schedule is different and so we aim to complete each project with as little disruption to your family’s life as possible, whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall.


If you have any questions regarding projects talked about in this article, other home renovations/projects, or are simply looking for a driveway paver or roofer recommendation, don’t hesitate to call or email us. Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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