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CHART Modernize Your Kitchen

Let's Modernize Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen no longer functional or making you happy? You deserve to live in a space that brightens your day, not dampens your mood! If your kitchen is looking past its prime and in need of a renovation, we’re here for you. Our team of experts has over 40 years of experience to help you modernize your kitchen so that you can get back to loving your home. In this blog, we outline our team’s top 10 tips for renovating your kitchen and banishing any outdated elements. Our team keeps all of these in mind when working with our homeowners to make sure all our kitchen renovations will stand the test of time.

1) Upgrade Hardware

Gold Faucet

One of the easiest ways to spot an outdated kitchen is by taking a look at the hardware since older kitchens will have hardware that was popular when it was built or last remodelled. Our designers will help you pick new hinges, knobs, pulls, lighting fixtures, range hoods, and more that will help bring your space into present time. Some of the most popular choices right now include aluminum, stainless steel, brushed gold, and copper.

2) Replace Flooring

Stylish Flooring

New flooring is one of the most important elements to completing your kitchen renovation. With so many different flooring options available, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Our designers can help you pick the right material, style, colour, and finish for your flooring to really make an impact on the overall feeling of your kitchen. We like to opt for timeless materials like wood, luxury vinyl or laminate, tile, or stone that will last and boost the value of your home.

3) Add Enough Storage 

Large Kitchen Island Reno

Are you constantly running out of spots to store your kitchen items? Free up some space with a kitchen renovation that adds lots and lots of storage options. Having clutter in your kitchen will make the room feel crowded and tight which is the opposite of what you want with a modern space. We can add storage solutions like built-in shelving, kitchen island cupboards, banquette seating, wine racks, and open shelving so that you have a spot to put all of your belongings.

4) Refresh Cabinetry 

Cabinetry Refurb by CHART

If your kitchen cabinetry feels drab, tired, or worn out, then it is time for a kitchen renovation with CHART. We are partnered with Andex Kitchens to offer you quality craftmanship that will bring your kitchen cabinetry to the next level. Time and time again, our custom cabinetry continues to look beautiful, stand the test of time, and provide families with the right amount of functionality for their needs. Again, there are so many options available including different door styles, hardware styles, materials, colours, and finishes that our designers can help you look through so that you choose the right cabinetry for your kitchen renovation.

5) Modernize Countertops

Marble Kitchen

Your countertops take up a large portion of your kitchen so it’s important to get them right. Again, your options are pretty endless when it comes to style, material, and colour so our team is here to help walk you through the product selection process. Some popular choices include natural stone (like marble or granite) and solid-surface countertops that look modern and are easier to keep clean. There truly is a material, colour, texture, and edge style out there for every project.

6) Open Things Up

CHART Open Concept Reno

Nothing says outdated like a compartmentalized home! One of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen is to knock down some walls and turn your space into a more open layout. Opening things up between your kitchen, dining room, and/or living room is a great way to make your home feel larger and less stuffy. Our team will help you determine what non-load-bearing walls can come down so that we can get to work renovating your space.

7) Add More Seating Options 

Seating Galore with a CHART Reno

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is probably the most used and busiest space for people to hang out. To account for this congregation, we like to include lots of seating options in our kitchen renovations so that the space does not feel cramped at all. Embrace the business by adding elements like countertop or island stools, a breakfast bar, and banquette seating when possible. Incorporating different seating options into your kitchen design will help make the space feel more usable and multi-faceted so that it best serves your family’s needs.

8) Consider Energy Efficiency 

Main Floor

There’s no place for any outdated kitchen appliance in your new space! As we all do our part to lessen our respective carbon footprints, upgrading to energy-efficient appliances is a great option that we encourage all of our homeowners to consider. With these appliances, you will get a modern look while also saving water and energy which is good for both the earth and your wallet.

9) Add a Fresh Coat of Paint 

Renovation Ideas

Some kitchen colours really scream out their age and let you know what decade they’re from. While the general rule is to go for light and natural colours to make your kitchen feel roomier and brighter, there is also a growing trend for darker richer colours. Think of your dark greys, navy and muted blues, teals, dark wood tones, rich greens, and even black. While white is still the most popular kitchen choice, we always make sure to add some pops of colour for long-lasting visual interest.

10) Install New Lighting Fixtures 

Beautiful Lighting

Lastly, an element that most people don’t spend enough time considering, is new lighting fixtures for your kitchen. While lighting can sometimes be an afterthought for homeowners, our team knows just how important functional and stylish lighting is for your space. We can help you choose the right lighting for your kitchen that is safe, provides the right ambiance, and is versatile. You want the proper combination of overhead, recessed, or pendant lighting to give your kitchen a modern look. Dimmers are also essential so that you can switch up the lighting depending on the time of day.

Trust CHART with Your Kitchen Renovation 

We hope this blog gave you a better insight into just some of the many ways our team can help modernize your space with a kitchen renovation. Our designers are experts at working your own unique style into a kitchen design so that it stands the test of time while still feeling like your own space. You can trust CHART to keep your best interests in mind when recommending the best projects, materials, styles, layouts, and more.  Whether you’re at the very beginning concept phase or already have some designs in mind, we’re here to get the job done for you with top-notch quality and craftsmanship. When beginning your home renovation projects, trust the Canadian Home and Renovation Team to make the right choices and help guide you through the process.

CHART is proud to be celebrating over 40 years as one of the most prestigious renovators in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph area. Contact us to begin preparing your home for renovations, home addition, or to get your custom home project started!

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