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Interior Design

Modern Interior Design Trends

Interior design is much more than just decorating your space. It’s the art of enhancing the interior of your home to reflect a livelier, more aesthetically pleasing space that also accommodates the lifestyle you want to live. As many homeowners have changed their mindset, routines, and overall lifestyle this past year, it’s important that their homes reflect their changing wants and needs as a homeowner. The interior of your home should not only be functional for your everyday life, but should be a space that you can take pride in. From waking up in the morning to enjoying meals with your family, your home should brighten up your day and inspire you to put your best foot forward. Does your home’s interior design no longer reflect your wants and needs as a homeowner? Here are 6 modern interior design trends that will bring your home back to life!

1) Open-Concept Spaces

Open-concept spaces have become highly popular in recent years. In fact, many of the major renovations we do here at CHART consist of open-concept projects that eliminate walls and barriers between rooms or even a whole floor. Clients have become big fans of open-concept spaces as they create interconnected spaces that allow rooms to flow from one to the next. This creates a large and airy space, in which you can feel connected to your entire home no matter which room you are in. Additionally, for those who enjoy hosting guests, open-concept spaces allow you to continue to be a part of the conversation even though you may be preparing food in the kitchen while your guests are enjoying drinks in the living room. Feeling separated is not an issue with open-concepts as they bring people together whether they are across a pathway or in a different area of the home. Lastly, the design and overall aesthetic of open-concept spaces create a much larger space that accounts for endless opportunities for homeowners to customize their homes exactly as they please. Here are some tips for designing open-concept spaces:

  • Plan How You Want to Use Your Space: Group your spaces by function and use visual cues to separate areas. Slight variations in colour can also help you plan and organize your space.
  • Keep Your Space Walkable: The pathways between each area should feel natural and flow effortlessly.
  • Plan Out Your Focal Points: Each area should have a focal point that helps define the space. Furniture, appliances, and fixtures can help establish the different spaces, as well as the main purpose of each space.
Open-Concept Space

2) Multi-Functional Spaces

With busier lifestyles and the need for more space, multi-functional rooms have become more and more apparent in 2021. Homeowners are incorporating multi-functional rooms into their floor plans, so they can capitalize on their space and allow for enough room to make all of their home visions come to life. For instance, kitchens with islands have become both dining rooms and workstations, and murphy beds allow guest rooms to double as offices or playrooms. Furthermore, pullout couches take up less space than typical beds and ottomans with storage allow you to store your belongings in spaces where there otherwise would not have been extra storage space. With the increasing need for additional space, multi-functional rooms have allowed people to work, play, and entertain in their homes due to the liveability value that multi-functional spaces provide. Homeowners can do everything they need all in the comfort of their homes!

3) Rich and Soft Colours

Although the colour palette in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms is generally neutral, many homeowners are integrating richer colours into their living areas, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Rich colours add a pop of colour to a home’s interior design, as well as give homeowners the opportunity to showcase their personalities through fun and rich accent pieces. They make the different elements within a room stand out, and in turn, create a vibrant and lively space.

Soft colours such as white, beige, and grey are also prominent in modern day homes. They instill a light and airy feel, while making a home look bigger and brighter. Specifically, kitchens often consist of two-tone colour schemes that incorporate a light colour such as white with a supplementary colour such as a soft blue or a rose tone. Combining soft colours together helps to bring out the warmth within a kitchen, and is perfect for those who seek a light and calming aesthetic.  

Rich and Soft Colours

4) Natural Elements

Natural, nature-inspired elements have also grown in popularity in 2021. With such busy lives, many homeowners are in need of a place to relax, and that place should be home! Natural elements instill a sense of peace and serenity, and whether it be wood, stone, wool, seagrass, or wicker, natural materials breathe new life within homes. These natural elements can come in the form of furniture such as hairpin tables, wooden stumps, and bohemian chairs; decorative pieces such as macrame wall hangings and braided rugs; and accessories such as wicker baskets and woven trays. Additionally, large statement plants such as bamboo and money trees add a touch of greenery and are a breath of fresh air. There are a multitude of ways in which homeowners have included natural elements into their home design. As people strive to establish style-savvy, neutral-based interiors that stand the test of time, natural elements have had an impressive and warming appeal.

Home Renovation

5) Accents and Texture Pieces

Accents and statement pieces play a key role in creating your signature style. These pieces can include anything from accent walls, rugs, artwork, décor, pillows, blankets, light fixtures, and many more. They allow you to add colour contrast and personality into your home, while creating an aesthetic that is unique to your individual style. 

Texture is often an underrated component of design; however, more and more homeowners are including new textures and styles into their homes. The living room is the perfect place to play around with various textures as they add depth into the room and provide endless opportunities to mix different items and textures together. For example, leather or velvet furniture, wool rugs, silky drapes, a marble fireplace, and wooden tables all vastly differ in texture, however, they can be combined with one another to create a creative and unique design. Accent and texture pieces really allow the personality of homeowners to shine through, which is why so many homeowners are including a greater variety of pieces within their homes.

Bedroom Renovation

6) Minimalism

We’ve all heard the saying, “less is more; and if it doesn’t spark joy, don’t keep it” by Mari Kondo. Well, many homeowners have taken this approach when it comes to the interior design of their homes. Long gone are the days of displaying several family heirlooms and knickknacks in every room. Many homeowners are embracing a minimalist approach as they surround themselves with items they only need, use, or love. With this approach, homeowners are very intentional with what they buy and how they decorate their homes; everything has a purpose with both design and function in mind. Minimalism creates a very polished and customized look that allows homeowners to get in touch with their authentic values, tastes, and goals.

Living Room Renovation


Interior design is constantly changing, and as a homeowner, it’s important that your home design follows your unique personality, while also accommodating your wants, needs, and lifestyle. Your home’s interior can have a huge positive impact on your happiness and satisfaction with your home; you just need to find the design elements that work for you. We hope this blog inspired you to take your home to the next level and design a space that speaks to your personality, vision, and goals. Need additional help with your interior design? Our team of designers, interior decorators, and craftsmen can support you in making your home truly yours. Contact us today to get started on your home renovation and to design the home of your dreams!

You can trust CHART to keep your best interests in mind when recommending the best projects, materials, styles, layouts, and more. Whether you’re at the very beginning concept phase or already have some designs in mind, we’re here to get the job done for you with top-notch quality and craftsmanship. When beginning your home renovation projects, trust the Canadian Home and Renovation Team to make the right choices and help guide you through the process. CHART is proud to be celebrating over 40 years as one of the most prestigious renovators in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph area. Contact us to begin preparing your home for renovationshome addition, or to get your custom home project started!

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