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Patio Season Renovation Tips

Patio Season Renovation Tips

Now that the weather is warmer and we’re all spending more time outside, you’re probably noticing all the flaws with your home’s outdoor space. Whether it be your front porch, exterior finishing, backyard landscaping, patio space, or deck, the CHART team is here to help update your exterior area so you can actually enjoy it. We’re here to stop you from making the mistake of haphazardly throwing together a patio and garden whenever you find time to. Instead of splitting your yard into tasks, we recommend tackling the whole area at once to make it more cohesive and functional. That way you can design your dream outdoor retreat and give your space the best makeover to better suit your style. In today’s blog, we want to outline some of the important things you should consider when renovating your outdoor space and how we can help get the job done right.

Define Your Space

We always get clients to nail down what they want to get out of their renovation before we begin any type of project. Taking the scope of your current property should be the very first step you do when deciding what exactly your outdoor area needs. Ask yourself some basic questions about how you can best utilize your space and make your wants/needs list while taking stock of your property. This preparation work is crucial to the success of your project and allows our team to fully visualize what you are hoping for. Do you want space for your kids to play? How about a cozy sitting area to host guests? Do you have an idea about what materials you like and want to include? How important is greenery and incorporating nature into your space? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself while thinking about your space. Take notes on what you like and don’t like about your current property, so you know where you want to focus your updates. Our estimating and design team can help walk you through this process and meet with you at your home to visualize, discuss, and help plan your project. Check out our full 8 step renovation process that allows you to monitor progress from start to finish.

Patio Materials

Nail Down Your Location

If, after doing the initial design work, you decide you want to include or upgrade your current patio or deck, then figuring out location is your next goal. There are several variables that go into deciding the best location for your patio or deck that will significantly impact the overall feeling and functionality of your space. You need to consider how you plan to use your deck or patio and decide on a location that will best serve your plans. You will want to take the size of your space into account first and foremost so that you have enough room for all of the elements you want to have. For example, do you have enough room in your front yard for a patio or is it better suited in your backyard? How much space and yard are you okay with your deck taking up? When answering these questions, also make sure you are thinking about the orientation of sunlight around your home. This may sound obvious, but homeowners often forget to think about where the sun will be at certain times of the day when they are using the space. Another factor to mull over is how you want your patio or deck to be connected to your home. In other words, do you want your patio or deck directly attached to your back exit or placed elsewhere? All of these components, along with budget and lifestyle, will help you determine the perfect size and shape for your outdoor area.

Choose the Right Material

The actual foundation of your deck and patio is crucial in making the space safe and enjoyable. Remember that your exterior hardscaping decisions should reflect your design taste and will have a dramatic impact on the rest of your home’s appeal. The most common materials we use for decks include pressure-treated wood, cedar, redwood, IPE wood, vinyl, and composite. All of these materials have different advantages and disadvantages that we can walk you through to make sure we choose the perfect material for your deck.

Some common options for your patio include concrete, natural stone, brick, and paving stones. Concrete is a great budget-friendly option and it can be made into any shape or customized with stamped in patterns, designs, and colours to suit your design goals. For a more natural look, you’ll want to choose a natural stone like flagstone, slate, or limestone. If you already have natural stone in your home, we recommend sticking to that type of stone if you want to make your property feel coherent. Brick is a good option if you want a charming, Old World feeling to your space while paving stones provide a more elegant and modern look. Whatever materials you are leaning towards, our Interior Decorator can help you select the right products for your space. Since materials play such a huge role in your outdoor atmosphere, allow our team with 40 years of experience to help you get it right!

Patio Materials

Make it Comfortable

Make sure you are bringing in features that fit the goals of your renovation and make your space feel welcoming. Consider how much sun you want to enjoy on your patio, deck, or yard and add umbrellas, a removable canopy, or a gazebo accordingly. Go back to your list of wants/needs to decide what other elements to bring in to complete your dream outdoor space. This can include a fire pit, comfortable seating, water features, overhead lighting, a music system, food and drink capabilities, and plants. Again, you can rely on our Designers’ expertise when it comes to adding every little detail to your space to make it perfect and your own. We can provide landscaping around your deck or patio to make it feel cohesive and interesting.

Trust CHART with Your Home Renovation Projects

Want more help with designing your dream outdoor living space? Whether you’re looking for a patio makeover, front yard update, or a deck made for hosting, we’re here to get the job done. When beginning your home exterior projects, trust the Canadian Home and Renovation Team to make the right choices and help guide you through the process. CHART is proud to be celebrating 40 years as one of the most prestigious renovators in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph area. Contact us to begin preparing your home for renovations and to get your projects started!

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