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Signs That Your Home is Ready for a 2021 Renovation 

New year, new home! If your holiday season was dampened by a home that you are no longer happy with, then maybe it’s time you consider renovating with the Canadian Home and Renovation Team. Make sure you add some home renovation ideas to your New Year’s resolutions list this year. Perhaps you love your neighbourhood, the location of your home, and/or certain elements of your space, but other areas just aren’t working anymore. Or maybe your family circumstances and household members have changed since you first moved into your home. In either case, this year is the time to update your space to better serve your needs. If any of this sounds familiar, consider this blog your New Year’s present from the CHART family to yours! Here are some signs that your home is ready for a renovation project in 2021.

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Sign #1: Missing Functionality

Any room that is lacking proper functionality is going to become a sore spot time and time again. You can move around the furniture, bring in new items, and redecorate as many times as you want, but some rooms just will not work for what you and your family needs. Our renovation team always recommends that clients do a walkthrough of their home so that they can start taking notes on what areas they get frustrated with or need something more from. Does your kitchen need more storage? Does your bathroom layout still make sense for your family? Do you need additional common areas in your basement so that everyone has their own comfortable living space? Has working from home made you crave a separate office space? You should do one large walkthrough to answer all of these kinds of questions but then also just have a pen and paper handy for things that come up naturally while living in the space. Try and get your whole family to contribute to your list so that you get a full picture of what everyone is lacking. Any areas that are just not functionally meeting your family’s needs should be noted down so that you can make the most optimal and useful plan for your renovation.

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Sign #2: Not Enough or Too Much Space

This can go both ways: having too little space and having too much unusable empty space can both be burdening in themselves. If your family is growing and you’re feeling more and more cramped, it might be time for a home addition or a redesign that opens up more space. Maybe you’ve welcomed a new baby into your home, your kids have grown older, or other family members have moved in with you since you purchased the property. Whatever the case, if you feel like you need more private bedrooms or the space just feels too small for everyone in it, then it’s time for a renovation plan. On the flip side, unless the goal is to have open areas, empty space is potential value wasted. Adding additional storage to these areas or reconfiguring your home’s layout all together are just some of the great solutions we can create so that you get the most use out of your home’s interiors.

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Sign #3: Aging or Outdated Elements

If your home is showing any signs of deterioration then a home remodel is often a necessity, especially when it comes to structural issues. These signs of deterioration can be anything from a leaking roof, rotting floorboard, broken fireplace, tiles detaching, or just more general wear and tear. These issues should be addressed immediately so that they are not allowed to progress further, create more damage, and require more difficult and costly repairs. Less serious signs of deterioration, like worn carpeting and ageing floors, are also clear signs that it’s time for an update and these should not be neglected. Even if there are no clear signs of deterioration within your home, you should still consider updating tired or outdated elements of your space. Not only do small details bring down the overall appeal and look of your space but fixing them will also add resale value to your home. Don’t let these kinds of issues impact your happiness with your home.

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Sign #4: Minor Fixes Starting to Add Up

If you have noticed that your list of minor repairs is really starting to add up, then it’s time to renovate. If you let smaller changes build up over time then you are going to be constantly unhappy with your space, especially as they start to become larger problems. It can become easier and easier to delay a renovation project when you start to get comfortable with your home’s issues – but do not compromise your happiness just because it feels easier than preparing for a renovation! We know starting a renovation can feel very overwhelming and a big task to take on so we always make sure to explain our process to you right from the beginning so that you know what to expect each step of the way. Sometimes, the very best thing you can do for yourself is create a fresh start. If you’ve been setting aside extra money each month and are just unhappy with your home, this year is the time to get started on creating your ideal space. If your design tastes have changed and your home hasn’t been keeping up, then renovating a couple of rooms, doing a full home renovation, or even building a new custom home are all options for ensuring that you always wake up to your dream home.

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Trust CHART For All of Your 2021 Renovation Projects!

If any of these signs sound familiar, then it’s time to start considering a 2021 renovation with the Canadian Home and Renovation Team. Start the New Year off right by working with our reputable renovation experts to create your dream space. Whether you’re at the very beginning concept phase or already have some designs in mind, we’re here to get the job done for you with top-notch quality and craftsmanship. When beginning your home renovation projects, trust the Canadian Home and Renovation Team to make the right choices and help guide you through the process.

CHART is proud to be celebrating 40 years as one of the most prestigious renovators in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph area. Contact us to begin preparing your home for renovations, home addition, or to get your custom home project started!

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