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Basement Renovations

Myth: All basements are dark and scary!

Fact: Basements renovations can take basements that are dark and scary, and turn them into beautiful square footage in your home. At CHART, we provide quality basement renovations to our clients so they can enjoy every inch of property they own.

Basements may be one of the most overlooked renovations when homeowners first get their homes. But a basement renovation increases the overall value of the home and is easily renovated—if you have the right renovation team! Canadian Home and Renovation Team works on basement renovations throughout the year to give clients a basement that is problem-free and useable.

Basement Renovations For Your Lifestyle

A large concern for basement renovations is the air quality and moisture. Our team works to eliminate any problems that exist because of moisture, and work to place solutions that will improve the air quality and moisture levels in your basement. CHART designers and foremen will work with clients to choose products and designs for the basement that suit their lifestyle and needs. This can be anything from new shelving units and fireplaces, to designing additional bedrooms and bathrooms. Once all the prep work is in place, we finish our renovation in a timely manner and on budget as agreed upon with clients, so they can start enjoying their reclaimed space.

Quality Basement Renovations To Enjoy

With basement designs, don’t let the ground level limit the growth of ideas. We’ve done basement renovations with lounging areas, to fully equipped exercise rooms, and even sports themed rooms with walls of memorabilia.

Let us build a basement you won’t shy away from. Whether you need a basement renovation in Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, or Waterloo, CHART will create a seamless process that allows you to enjoy every last bit of your home!

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Take Your Basement from Scary to Extraordinary

Things to Remember When Renovating Your Basement

We’re here to discuss a list of items and tasks we recommend every homeowner considers when renovating their basement. Some of these things will be design features, while others will be less exciting, but equally as important, structural tasks and additions that can make all the difference when it comes to creating the perfect lower-level space for your family.

Basement Renovations Can Be Done in the Winter

Canadian Home and Renovation Team actually works year-round on home renovation projects, with basement renovations being one of the most convenient renovations to do in the wintertime.

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